1W 3500L Miner Head Cordless Torch Lamp Light LED Helmet Safety Power Miner LED Search Light

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This Miner Head Cordless Torch Lamp is particularly suited for mining, open cut coal mining, tapping rubber, mineral industry, tunnel projects and so on.
Voltage: 3.7VDC
LED: 1 Watt
Rated Capacity: 2800mah
Battery: High Performance Li-Ion Battery
Current: Main 300ma
Lighting begins:>3000lx
Smart Charger: Input AC 110v-250v ; Output DC 4.2v, 600ma
Protective Voltage 4.20 ± 0.05
LED Life Span: 50000 hours
Lighting Time: High: 8 hours ; Low: 24 hours
Package size:19*12*9cm
Working temperature: -10 to 45 degrees Centigrade
Relative air humidity: <= 95% +- 3RH
1. 1 Watt LED.
2. LED lifespan 50,000 hours, two position, high 3,500 Lux and low 3,000 Lux.
3. Lighting time over 8 hours on High and 24 hours on Low
Li-ion battery, with 110v-245v wall smart charger.
4. Compact and lightweight (only 170gms).
5. Water proof, electric shock proof, moisture proof and impact proof.
6. IP Rating: IP68.
Package Included:
1x LED Cordless Lamp and Charger
1x Manual
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